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Open Calls

Traces. A Study Trip on Remembrance Cultures

For participants from Ukraine & Germany

Since the start of the Russian full-scale invasion, many historical monuments and sites of remembrance in Ukraine have been destroyed or put in danger of destruction. The need to preserve these has shifted to the centre of public attention. Another core debate is the need to decolonize and reshape public discourses around the commemorative sites connected to the Soviet and Communist past. 

Berlin has a unique history of division manifested by a wall for 28 years. Today, the remembrance of National Socialist crimes and the Second World War is a central part of German society’s culture of remembrance. The capital hosts countless historical sites, museums, and memorials, but remembrance is also contested and voices unheard.

During the study trip we aim to mutually exchange on cultures of remembrance in different countries with different historical backgrounds, such as Germany and Ukraine. We invite young people interested in modern history who would like to reflect on commemoration in our societies, discuss contested and also sensitive historical topics, and bring some curiosity for new perspectives and to try new formats.

How and what do we want to remember? Which cultures of remembrance do we have to preserve collective and cultural memory? And how can we, as a civil society, participate in forming or reshaping the cultures of remembrance of our societies? As part of the program, we will meet with professionals whose work is connected to remembrance, we will participate in workshops, meet up with local initiatives, and explore a map of Ukrainian places in Berlin.

How are remembrance cultures integrated into the cities as physical spaces? What are open debates around the creation and organisation of remembrance sites and practices? We will examine how public narratives on history shape cities, we will visit memorials, meet up with decolonial activists from Berlin, and participate in (audio) city walks. 

Who can apply?

We invite 15 participants in the age of 18-27 from Ukraine & Germany. We also warmly invite refugees & newcomers to apply. The working language will be English.


Application deadline October 15
Announcement of participants October 17
Online preparatory meeting October 23
Study trip to Berlin November 5-11

If you have further questions, please contact: info@citizen-plus.com


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